Trade House Data is a wholesale data furnisher of public and commercial pointer records to assist background screening companies in efficiently developing more comprehensive background checks.


    We selected our name to illustrate our commitment to being a wholesale data furnisher that works exclusively with the “trade.”  We do not compete with background screening companies; rather, we are a one-stop wholesale exchange “house” for background check pointer data, providing background screening companies with the ability to dynamically query our pointer data in real-time.  By remaining true to our name, background screening companies can acquire real-time pointer data to thoughtfully determine research scope and more quickly dispatch search requests to their researcher network for efficiently acquiring reportable, up-to-date records from official public record sources.


    Combining our data access with your technology platform gives your screening agency the power to expand or narrow the scope of possible hits returned in a query.  This affords your screening agency the ability to balance the risk tolerance of missing positives against the cost of verifying false-positives for removal.


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