Trade House Data™ was founded to assist background screening agencies in obtaining public records data of the highest quality at the best possible prices. By combining volume with other Trade House Data clients, background screening agencies can gain access to industry-leading data at very competitive prices. With a single agreement, our clients benefit from a wide variety of background screening solutions that may be otherwise unavailable or difficult to access.


    Not only will Trade House Data™ save clients money, it is simple to use and can be integrated to your software through our API. Currently, we are pre-integrated with TazWorks’ InstaScreen™ platform.


    Trade House Data™ exclusively serves the wholesale background screening trade, meaning it never sells its data services to end-users. If you are an employer, property manager, non-profit or other institution looking for the best possible background checks, please ask us for a background check provider referral.


    At the core of Trade House Data™ services are public court house records, which serve as the foundation for conducting a quality background check. The most popular public court house record service is the criminal background check. Criminal offense records are used in a background check by all industry types and all verticals. Equally popular among property managers are landlord-tenant court action records, including disputes and evictions. Trade House acquires this public record information from third parties, including State repositories, county court houses, other government agencies, its clients, independent abstractors, and commercial database aggregators and/or providers.


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