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Trade House Data Research Filters

Trade House Data™ research filters are comprehensive and easy to configure and empower screening agencies to broaden or narrow the scope of possible leads returned in a query. This flexibility gives screening agencies the ability to minimize the risk of missing a positive lead and improve their processes of knowing where to search for information. Screening agencies can configure Trade House Data™ filter policieto meet the needs of their business as well as their client’s desired queries.  

Trade House Data filtering options allow users to search by primary identity, primary date of birth, alias identity, alias date of birth, or recency.   These filters can be applied to searches related to national criminal, national alias criminal, state criminal, sex offender, and global security datasets. 


Trade House Data Tool Descriptions

The datasets listed below are research tools that may be used internally by background screening company to serve as a starting point for efficiently developing leads for a more comprehensive background check. The datasets are intended only as “pointers,” which point” or “lead” you in the direction where additional research is required.  It is important to know that, as with all datasets, there are limitations and not all jurisdictions are included in the datasets. As with all pointer datasets, further research for up-to-date and current information is required as all of our research tools are intended only to serve as a starting point for background screening companies in the development of a background check and can never be used as information in a consumer report. Please review the documentation for specific coverage, limitations, and missing jurisdictions. 

Trade House Data™ Research Tools are described as follows:

Wholesale Research Data
for Background Screening